We show up.
We ask questions (lots of them).
We reflect back what was said and what was not said.
And then we ask some more questions.

In provoking you to think in never-before ways; we effect change.

As we improvise a web of conversations, more novel approaches begin to emerge.

1. Unfolding

We gently allow and create a space for our clients to open up the agenda for change and begin to explore it and view it more fully.

2. Including

We begin to include others in this unfolding through creating a network of conversations. In being included, the inherent and collective wisdom of the work community is brought to the fore and the agenda for change gains energy and momentum.

3. Improvising

With the unfolding and inclusion at play, we start to improvise and co-evolve the way forward.

4. Orchestrating

At a point in the whole process, the change begins to get orchestrated. This is the time for implementation. We coach teams and people through this effort and continue to effect the change.

In organisations, teams or individuals – we effect change with our counter-consultancy and counter-intuitive approach and attitude.

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