We are trained and experienced professionals who have rigourously developed capabilities to promote human and organisational development.

Our Advisors

Martin Vogel

Martin worked for 20 years in broadcasting, mainly in the BBC. Beginning as a reporter and news producer, he moved into strategy and digital media development and became an internal leadership coach.
Martin gained a Master’s with distinction in coaching from Oxford Brookes University, where he developed a research interest in the influence of stories on our sense of self. He also has professional coaching qualifications from the BBC’s coaching network and an MBA from the London Business School. Martin is a member of the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision and subscribes to its code of ethics.
Martin has consulted with clients ranging from small entrepreneurial companies, through NGOs such as Amnesty International and Action Aid, to large corporations including the BBC, Telegraph Media Group, Amgen, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and media clients overseas.
Martin creates a reflective space in which clients can connect with their values. He enables people to be more aware of their influence and to exercise leadership effectively and ethically. People appreciate the openness and candour that Martin brings and the sensitivity with which he enables people to face up to difficult issues.

Dr Tatiana Bachkirova

Dr Tatiana Bachkirova is Co-Director of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University, UK, and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. Her passion and expertise is in coaching psychology and supervision and she is engaged with this field in various roles.
As an academic, Tatiana is a Reader in Coaching Psychology at Oxford Brookes, teaching and supervising on the MA and Doctoral programmes in Coaching and Mentoring in the UK and Hong Kong.
As a coaching practitioner Tatiana supervises coaches, external and internal to various organisations, as individuals and in groups. She designs and delivers many consultancy projects nationally and internationally and is a regular speaker and keynote presenter in various conferences in the UK and abroad.
As a researcher and writer Tatiana is an author of many articles and three books: the Complete Handbook of Coaching (2010), Coaching and Mentoring Supervision: Theory and Practice (2011) and Developmental Coaching: Working with the Self (2011).
Tatiana’s national and international reputation has been recognized on various levels. In 2011 she has received an Achievement Award from the British Psychological Society SGCP in recognition of Distinguished Contribution to Coaching Psychology. In 2013 she has been invited to join the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. In 2015 she won Coaching at Work Award as External Coach Champion.

What Our Clients Say

“Thinking Partners have delivered several team coaching assignments at Vardhman. The interventions positively impacted team effectiveness and performance and helped generate a culture of dialogue.”

– Sachit Jain, CEO, Vardhman Industries

“…there are no diagrams, no matrix and no pattern. This is about real attempts to find solutions to genuinely complex and tangled issues. And so they listen carefully, unpick and unravel knots and difficulties, restate and summarise, ask questions and ask again, then reflect back. They’re demanding and relish a challenge – they work with you rather than for you, they engage, collaborate – and ensure clarity and precision prevail. And crucially they’re perfectly comfortable navigating different and seemingly contradictory worlds… “

– The BBC on Martin Vogel’s work

“Week after week, Thinking Partners created sessions where we could challenge ourselves, learn to dialogue at different levels, enhance our quality and productivity using thinking tools such as systems thinking… We are seeing changes in our culture and fundamental way of working.”

– Sudhir Rana, VP, Sandhar Components

“Jinny’s honesty, integrity, exemplary expertise in her field, compassionate nature to empathise with my thoughts and feelings without getting enmeshed in them have been the hall marks of our sessions. Jinny is warm, generous, forgiving to a fault and dependable to the core….She has worked with big companies and high powered executives. Yet, She has never lost her humility nor her capacity to empathise.”

– Doctor, NHS, UK

“Thinking Partners is unlike any other consultants that we have hired because they did not occur as an external party clocking-in clocking-out. They felt like a part of the team, constantly engaging with us and reviewing the impact and relevance of the intervention. Thinking Partners felt so much like a part of Healthians that the team would often refer to them as part of the Healthians’ family.
I feel engaging with Thinking partners right at the early stage of the business was one of the sensible investment with clearly visible ROI’s today.  We have not just aligned our thoughts but have been able to create a strong foundation to build a large business. Every module and learning session at Healthians is created after keeping Healthians as unique business in mind and that is what makes them true thinking partners.”

– Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO, Healthians.com

If this approach even mildly makes you curious, we are interested in being in a thoughtful conversation with you. It is only in conversations that the real value of our work comes alive